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AMOC Overseas Sections

The Club headquarters are still in the United Kingdom where the club and the marque were originally formed. As the interest in Aston Martin, and the reputation of our Club has grown,  more members have been joining who live overseas.  As the numbers have grown it has become viable for overseas areas to form there own sections.  These sections are run as independent organisations, with their own constitution, finances and committee. The heads of all sections are given a place on the committee of management of the main AMOC.  All section members become members of the Club, paying annual fees to headquarters.  These members receive all the club publications by post wherever they are in the world.  By joining the Club they also help support the Aston Martin Heritage Trust in its important work of preserving the heritage of Aston Martin.  

The Sections handle all of the original applications, renewals and most of the Members communications.  This is useful where the Section is an a country where the first language is not English.    The section organise their own events. 

All AMOC members are sent the monthly and quarterly magazines.  The links below are to the sections own independent Websites.

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